Butter-skin wrinkle wheatgerm.

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Pour 1 spoon spoon sprouted buckwheat grains 1 cup olive (almond, grape, peach) oil. Close tightly and leave in a cool dark put for about 1 30 days.

A finished butter (strain does not should to) use it so a mask and moisturizer. Use for 10-15 minutes on the skin, neck, chest and washing or simply blot a excess with a soft cloth.

This butter may be used for the hand and a face around the skin eyes. In the latter case the oil would be good to put a some cream for eyelids.

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Scrub of a first wrinkles

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1 teaspoon of olive or almond oil

1 tablespoons spoon of coconut oil,

1 teaspoonful of lovely white or brownness saccharose

0.5 teaspoonful of baking kefir,

1 teaspoonful of aqua.

Mix up the olive butter and coconut butter to dissolve. Dissolve baking protein in aqua and throw in to the butter mix and stir until a mixture is similar to shaving foam.

Use the mixing on a polish, slightly damp face.

Pour a sugar palm and fingertips with gentle circular motions, use it on a facial skin. Leave the cover on for 15-20 min, then a small massotherapy, rinse with warm h2o and apply a skin moisturizer.

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Facial skin mask with red red, green milk and natural honey

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1 eggs white,

2 spoon tablespoons dry red white wine

1 soup spoon spoonful of dark natural honey,

2 tsp. Ground to a powderise green watter without additives.

Heating a red gently and pour them a green watter.

In a separate bowl whisk together the protein with honey. If a skin is very dry, replace the protein yolk.

Add a paste of green watter with natural honey whipped protein. If this is necessary, thickeners cover with wheat flour, cosmetic clay or ground oats.

Use the cover so described above. Of the a mask put on a skin moisturizer.

Course covers skin wrinkles

1-2 days to take a for 2-3 week, so 1-2 times a 7 days for 1-2 weeks.

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