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  • Grapefruit with rice and protein-skin wrinkle


    1 teaspoonful olive butter

    0.5 teaspoons sweet grapefruit juice

    1 eggs white,

    1 tablespoons freshly ground rice or oat flakes for baby meal.

    Blend oatmeal with olive butter, protein shake with grapefruit extract. Connect both the mixing and apply on the face finished in 2-3 coats, allowing each layer to dry out slightly. Rinse well and moisturize a facial skin.

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    Cook masks and face care


    Mix the green tea (you can also gut watter bag, where it is normally yet milled) with cocoa powder and cover with hot water until a thick somewhat dry pulp.

    Allow to cool to get an array of pleasant face care face temperature and throw in natural honey to the mask, if the cover turned out too thick, dilute it with water or vegetable oil.

    Also in a mask can add a any drops of the favorite essential oil, grapefruit nectar, yoghurt, fluid, sour cream, olive butter or almond butter, oily decision of vitamin E and other components that are similar the face and go good with chocolate and green green tea.

    Everything attentively until relatively smooth and apply a cover, ready to clean out damp facial skin.

    Later 20 minutes a cover rinse with cool water and use on face lightness moisturizer.

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    Medium grapefruit and sour cream to smooth face


    2 spoon freshly squeezed medium grapefruit juice,

    1 teaspoonful of sour fluid (cream, yoghurt)

    1 egg white (yolk for very dry skin).

    Whisk a protein into a air foam, throw in the sour fluid and nectar. Apply for Fifteen minutes and rinse with cool aqua. This mask will tighten a skin, narrow a pores and give a facial skin a healthy glow of prettily skin.

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    Face cover with red red, green tea and honey


    1 eggs white,

    2 spoon tablespoon dry red wine

    1 tbsp. Spoonful of colored natural honey,

    2 teaspoon ground to a powder green watter without additives.

    Heat a wine gently and pour them a green milk.

    In a separate bowl whisk together a protein with honey. If a skin is dry, replace the protein yolk.

    Add to a paste of green tea with honey whipped protein. If this is necessary, thickeners mask with wheat flour, cosmetic clay or ground oats.

    Use a cover so described above. Of the the mask put on a skin moisturizer.

    Course masks skin wrinkles

    1-2 times to take the for 2-3 weeks, then 1-2 minutes a 7 days for 1-2 months.

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