Skin cover with mandarin and white clay


Here we are invited to mix a orange with a grapefruit fresh juice so any little items to add. As a effect, of the a full course of covers should get a polish and elastic face. Check?

A mask for a face

0.5 cups of mandarin.

2 spoon spoon kaolin (white clay).

1 tablespoons spoonful of liquidity honey.

1 egg white (if a skin is prone to fat) or 1 boiled egg (if facial skin is dry.)

1 teaspoon good lemon breeding juice.

The apply of white clay is not essential. A suitable fit for your face cosmetic clay with a pharmacy.

Preparation and application of a face cover

Whisk in cool white foam, gradually adding natural honey or mash with a fork yolks with honey.

So throw in all a other components of a face mask.

Use a mask finished the clean out and slightly damp face and, if required, cleavage.

Hold for 20-30 minutes. Rinse with heartwarming water, rinse with cool face.

Course covers

3-4 days for 1 to 2 weeks.

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Cover of skin wrinkles with beans


With beans troubles, of course, much. One soak worth something! Still, it's worth it to somehow zamorochitsya. In addition to a night not to wait, you can just mix a beans in a coffee grinder and pour boiling water for 2 hours, or just hold on the fire until it is mild enough. Well how It is possible to and a old-fashioned pour cold-blooded h2o overnight.

The mask

1.5 st. Spoon beans.

0.5 teaspoonful of lemon fresh juice.

1 soup spoon olive oil.

Production and apply masks

Make the beans and cook with her gentle puree.

Add a olive oil and allow to cool to a lovely cover for the face temperature.

Then throw in the lemon juice and blend everything carefully.

Use a mask to polish, very dry skin of a face, neck and decollete.

Hold for 20 minutes and rinse with soft water, rinse with cool person.

If indispensable, use a moisturizer.

Course masks

2-3 covers a 7 days for a 30 days.

There are contraindications. Talk to the physician.

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Facial skin mask with white clay and milk


Extremely simple in composition dries and purifying cover for female skin: white clay, talc and milk.

A mask for the facial skin

1 tsp. Of white clay (kaolin),

1 tsp. Of talc (newborn powderise can be replaced)

2-3 tablespoon spoons of warm milk.

Production and application of a skin cover

Do not use for production masks, which include cosmetic clay, metal utensils.

Similarly, to avoid early sagging skin, putting on facial skin desirable to lie down, or clay with your gravity will draw the facial skin down.

Mix a white clay with talc. Then, continuing to stir, gradually add the natural milk.

The mask need not have more thick, but not much liquid.

Apply the cover ready to polish damp skin.

Leave on for 15-20 min, so rinse with warm h2o and rinse a face with cool.

If indispensable, use a moisturizer.

Course masks

2.1 covers a 7 days for a month.

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Broccoli with ripe avocado-skin wrinkle


1 tablespoons Spoon ripe avocado,

2-3 steamed broccoli florets,

2 spoon tablespoon freshly squeezed orange juice.

Mix up in a blender and a mask is used, however in previous cases.

Course of facial skin masks

Create a mask rate 2-3 minutes a week for 7-10 week. Then, to maintain the capacity, 1-2 minutes a week. Masks can be alternated.

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Mask for dry face Sour


2 tbsp. Of sour milk diluted with 2 milled powdered aspirin or half a tsp. Of grapefruit juice.

Cover for any skin vegetables

Dilute any bran with recent medium tomato or cucumber fresh juice.

It is possible to also use a breeding juice of sauerkraut.

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Universal Mask


Choose up the fruit or berries, bruise and use to damp facial skin. Any skin is good suited sour fruits or fresh fruits.

Keep all the cover for 15-20 minutes, rinse with hot water. Of the apply a lightness moisturizer or nourishing. Course - any cover every other time for one month.

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