Cover of skin wrinkles with beans


With beans troubles, of course, much. One soak worth something! Still, it's worth it to somehow zamorochitsya. In addition to a night not to wait, you can just mix a beans in a coffee grinder and pour boiling water for 2 hours, or just hold on the fire until it is mild enough. Well how It is possible to and a old-fashioned pour cold-blooded h2o overnight.

The mask

1.5 st. Spoon beans.

0.5 teaspoonful of lemon fresh juice.

1 soup spoon olive oil.

Production and apply masks

Make the beans and cook with her gentle puree.

Add a olive oil and allow to cool to a lovely cover for the face temperature.

Then throw in the lemon juice and blend everything carefully.

Use a mask to polish, very dry skin of a face, neck and decollete.

Hold for 20 minutes and rinse with soft water, rinse with cool person.

If indispensable, use a moisturizer.

Course masks

2-3 covers a 7 days for a 30 days.

There are contraindications. Talk to the physician.

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