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  • Cleansing Face lotion for oily facial skin


    It's not even a face lotion, and a kind of mask, lotion. After lotion, however a rule, does not wash off, and this will possess a couple of minutes of the treatment rinse. Of course, about chore, but at least approximately in the life of cosmetic variety! After cover face lotion - it will not just there any face lotion and not just there the mask.

    The cover, lotion for very dry skin

    3 tablespoon olive oil or grape seed butter,

    1 tablespoons soup spoon fresh grapefruit extract

    1 teaspoonful baking cheese

    1 teaspoonful pure mineral h2o

    2 K. The essence oil of bergamot (sage, mint)

    Little handful of table or sea saline.

    Production and treatment of face lotion cover

    Combine lemon fresh juice with water, a resulting mixing is dissolved in soda and saline.

    Mix up a veg and essential oils, and connect a two mixtures.

    Use a cover ready-lotion to polish damp face on other parts of the body with dry face (shoulders, back, lower neck).

    Wash the means 1-2 minutes with hot aqua, rinse with cool person.

    Use a mask, face lotion 1-2 minutes a week at bedtime or 3-4 hours before going out.

    Do not forget to protect the face and body skin from UV radiation.

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