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  • 2 ripe banana masks and face care mask


    Winter is - while medium bananas. Fruit is nutritious and satisfying, not just for the winter frost. And weary winter winds, coldness weather skin it is even the taste to come.

    Just a banana skin care cover

    0.5 medium banana

    0.5 teaspoonful of cream, sour cream, yoghurt without additives and dyes,

    5.3 drops of grapefruit fresh juice

    1 tsp. Olive oil.

    Mash ripe banana and add to the banana gruel all other components of the mask. Mix up all until creamy.

    Apply the mask to a clean damp skin, neck skin, decollete.

    Hold for 15-20 min, so carefully remove a remnants of the mask with a tissue. If this is required, washing and put on a skin cream.

    Gelatin-big banana cover

    1 tablespoons Spoon gelatin

    2 soup spoon soup spoon boiling h2o

    1 teaspoon medium banana pulp,

    0.5 teaspoon of honey.

    0.5 teaspoons of olive oil or the other oil.

    Dissolve a gelatin in a water and let swell. Then append to the resulting jelly ripe banana, natural honey and natural butter. Everything attentively.

    Apply a cover to a clean damp skin, neck skin, decollete. Leave on for 20-25 min.

    It is better to lie with, trying to move his masks and skin care muscles and do not strain your neck.

    Rinse with warm water, rinse with cool person. If necessary, use a moisturizer.

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